Sicit s.r.l. - Società Industriale Crociere Italiane Torino



SICIT™: for those who demand the best


SICIT™ has been a trusted partner and supplier of components to leading car and truck manufacturers for 60 years.

Two different worlds, each with specific requirements: Sicit™ caters to their needs and priorities, also furnishing effective cooperation to achieve the very best results. Adopting stringent certification methods and with a highly-motivated, expert team and well-stocked warehouse of products ready for delivery, Sicit™ is committed to furnishing impeccable quality levels and standards and fast, precise customisation of products and deliveries.

Fast response, flexibility and transparent processes: Sicit™ was set up in 1953 with the aim of providing customers with top quality, precision-engineered products. Since then, only the technology adopted has changed: attention to the customer and production to the highest standards have remained unchanged!